The decision of when to move a loved one from their existing environment into an assisted living or memory care community can often be difficult.  At Ginter Hall South, we understand the complexities of this challenge and are here to help.

In many cases, we hear that mom or dad would like to stay in their home, but that they are not eating well or taking care of themselves appropriately, or in some cases, may have fallen or had difficulty with mobility. They may seem confused or disoriented. These types of age and health challenges are often why families look to assisted living or memory care communities such as Ginter Hall South.


For over 40 years we have assisted Richmond families through this process and we are here to help you with your family’s specific needs and circumstance.

We understand that often there is not a family situation available, due to time requirements of jobs, child activities, household arrangements, or even physical ability, where a family member may dedicate themselves entirely to in-home care of their loved one. This is when Ginter Hall South, through its commitment to service and fulfillment of our resident’s needs, provides a caring solution:

Having your loved one at Ginter Hall South offers the peace of mind that your loved one lives in an environment with other seniors under the watchful eyes of multiple caregivers who have been trained in senior care. These caregivers understand the needs and wants of seniors and the appropriate methodology to provide assistance to every resident in a manner which promotes respect and upholds the senior’s dignity.

We invite you to call one of our Senior Information Assistants at (804) 794-7770 or contact us at to learn more about our community or to schedule a tour.