No matter the physical condition of their loved one, it is often difficult for family members to accept that they are not able to be the sole caregiver.  At Ginter Hall South we understand these emotions.

We know how difficult it can be for a family member serving as a caregiver to step back and realize that if others are able to provide the meals, housekeeping, activity programs and Activities of Daily Living services such as, toileting, bathing, and dressing, the time family members do have available to spend with their loved ones can be of higher quality.

Having this separation of daily support for the senior promotes dignity and enables the resident to focus on more positive aspects of daily life when they do visit with family members. The support needed for senior residents is a 24-hours a day, seven days a week effort and very difficult for a sole family caregiver to provide, particularly if they have never had this experience in the past.

Our caregivers understand the dilemma and, occasionally, guilt that family members go through when making the decision to move their loved one into a new home.

The conversation about the need for additional assistance typically begins between family members and friends. Identifying the need for a higher level of care can take time, as the transition is gradual and often goes unnoticed by those closest to their loved ones.

A fall, problems with eating a healthy diet, or grooming might force further investigation into other living arrangements, which often include an assisted living community. Issues of confusion or disorientation in a senior can be more difficult for family members to recognize or accept. Often in the early stages of conversation about whether a move is needed, individuals use respite programs to test the experience for both the senior and the family caregiver. Both parties are deeply involved in the decision process.

We are here to answer your questions and share information on our services for senior care.

We are available if you wish to meet with us and tour the Ginter Hall South community in Richmond. Please call one of our Senior Information Assistants at (804) 794-7770 if you would like to talk more about the conversations typically involved in this process.