Our professional and compassionate Ginter Hall South associates are committed to helping seniors who are unable to continue living alone. We provide support for our seniors and their family members as they face the very personal decision of where to place their loved one.

We understand how very difficult it is for a senior to hear they can no longer live alone.  It is hard to let go of independence after being in control every prior step of your life. We also know from experience that often seniors are aware they need help but may be unwilling to admit it for fear of what alternate living options exist or of being viewed differently by family members.

Ginter Hall South offers direction and guidance. Once a senior chooses us as their family, we are able to meet their needs with the assistance of our team of professional associates.

Our home, health, and hospice services, coupled with other services such as dental, hearing, podiatry, mobile X-rays, mobile vision, and transportation, provides the senior’s family additional time to spend quality moments simply visiting their loved one. Family and friend visits are an important part of the transition and experience at Ginter Hall South.

To keep the transition as smooth as possible, we encourage you to bring in your loved one’s favorite furniture, pillows, blankets, photos, books, and other personal items prior to the move-in date. This is less stressful for the new resident and their family, making the day more about spending time together and getting to know the community and other residents. These familiar objects brought from home will ease your loved one’s transition into their new home at Ginter Hall South.

Family members should also be mindful that any emotions or feelings of guilt or anxiety could impact how their loved one will adjust or accept living in a new environment. Seniors will easily pick up on your uncertainties, leaving them with additional worries.  If interested, we have support services and support groups we can refer you to as you continue to care for your aging senior family member.

Prior to move-in, Ginter Hall South will make sure you have shared your loved one’s personal habits, wants, needs, routines, likes, and dislikes to ensure the Ginter Hall South caregivers are aware and able to effectively engage and interact with your loved one. Having these preferences on hand will greatly help ease the uncertainty of a new environment.  As part of the transitioning process, we devise a plan to ensure your loved one is able to maintain a sense of self and self-esteem.  We will empower our seniors to continue doing whatever they are capable of doing on their own, but will be there 24-hours a day, seven days a week, to provide assistance with anything they need.

We are here to assist you in the transition process. Please call one of our Senior Information Associates at (804) 794-7770 or contact us at caring@ginterhall.com for more assistance.