At Ginter Hall South, we strive to help enable each senior feel as comfortable as possible and live each day fully, while continuing to look forward to the opportunity of tomorrow.

The Ginter Hall South philosophy emphasizes our senior’s personality and takes into account how they process the complex emotions that come with aging. We understand everyone faces these challenges in their own way. We look to our mission statement to create a loving, compassionate, and caring home environment through personal service, where fulfillment of our residents’ needs is our primary goal to help guide us.

The Ginter Hall South difference lies in our founding principles of Compassion, Service, and Fulfillment.

These principles work together as a caregiving philosophy centered on our residents, which has evolved over time to reflect the needs of today’s senior community.

We want to know the stories and histories of our most experienced generation, and we want them to know about our family at Ginter Hall South.  To better understand our residents and deepen our sense of their individual perspectives, our philosophy of service and fulfillment reminds us to look at each senior as a triumph of life experience.

By learning the preferences of those individuals in our care, we hope to better serve their needs and further enable them to embrace each day and look forward to opportunities of tomorrow.

Please call us at (804) 794-7770 or contact us at to learn more about what makes Ginter Hall South stand out in Richmond in the area amongst other senior living options.