You are not alone and we understand that this decision process can be confusing.

Below are some commonly asked questions we hear, general information about Ginter Hall South, and websites where you can find further information on these topics.

Everyone’s situation is different, and our Executive Director and Senior Admission experts would be pleased to speak with you to help address any questions you may have. Please call us at (804) 794-7770 so we may better serve you.


How does assisted living differ from a nursing home?

Ginter Hall South encompasses multiple living options for seniors, including someone who is independent or who needs little assistance to someone who needs full assistance with Activities of Daily Living tasks, as well as those who have been diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s and need Memory Care. Ginter Hall South is a community in which someone can settle in and stay, never needing to leave the community unless they were to require a nursing home for a skilled reason.  We provide many services and programs including full-service fine dining, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, maintenance, 24/7 professional staff, a physician, podiatrist, home health, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy for our seniors. We also provide a full schedule of social, spiritual, educational, sensory and cultural opportunities for seniors. Our community provides a compassionate staff to assist with daily tasks at all levels of need, including  friendly reminders, bathing and getting dressed, incontinence care, administering medication, and getting to and from meals and events.  A nursing home is a medical institution designed to provide advanced, skilled medical care, such as a feeding tube, tracheotomy, or IV’s needed continually.

What is the cost to live at Ginter Hall South?

Ginter Hall South accepts private pay and long term insurance, and will provide professional resources to those who may qualify for Veteran’s Aid and Attendance.  Our seniors have a monthly lease with the community in which only a 30-day written notice is required to terminate residency.  We also have respite short term stay available for as little as two weeks to give family caregivers a much needed break.  Please contact us at 804-794-7770 to see our range of accommodations and to schedule a tour.

Are there any tax deductions for cost of services provided?

You may be eligible for certain deductions on your federal tax return depending on the types of services and the level of care required.  You should check with your financial advisor for additional tax information.  Residents and/or their responsible parties should refer to IRS Publication 502, regarding the types of costs that may qualify for a tax deduction, as well as other requirements for claiming the deduction.

Is smoking allowed?

We are a smoke-free community and no smoking is allowed within the building. Smoking is allowed outside in designated areas away from windows, and entry and exit doors.

Can I visit my loved one any time I want?

There are no restrictions on when family members can visit senior residents in their home. Each evening the exterior doors to our community are locked and visitors can call for the door to be unlocked for access.  Ginter Hall South community is staffed 24/7 to care for our senior residents so associates will let visitors into the building unless there are extenuating circumstances.  We want family members to feel they are visiting their loved one at their own home and are always welcomed.

Can residents furnish and decorate their own rooms?

Ginter Hall South will provide a basic bed, night stand, chest of drawers, and a chair if needed, however, we encourage our senior residents to bring their own furnishings, small artwork, family photographs and mementos to make the transition seamless. We allow seniors to provide their own mattress and box spring if they are new. Personalization is always supported and encouraged.  We evaluate all requests by seniors and their loved ones on a case by case basis and make every effort to accommodate our senior resident’s wishes whenever possible.

How do I qualify for Veterans Disability Benefits?

If you are a veteran, or an un-remarried spouse of a deceased veteran, or parents of a veteran who are financially dependent on the veteran, you may qualify for Veteran Disability benefits. Dependency must be established. Additional information can be obtained at  There are many legal firms with practices in Veteran Administration benefits available to assist.