At Ginter Hall South, we believe each and every day is an opportunity and we strive to help our seniors share that point of view.

We provide activity programs in music, art, technology, and crafts for our seniors. We offer group outings, physical fitness courses, dining experiences and amenities designed to promote resident participation to the fullest of their ability. In addition, family members, associates and volunteers enrich our resident’s lives every day with opportunities to interact and socialize. This is all part of our effort here at Ginter Hall South to provide a loving, compassionate and caring home environment. We do this through personal service, with the fulfillment of our Residents’ needs as our primary goal.   

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We invite you to call one of our Senior Information Assistants at (804) 794-7770 or contact us at to learn more about our community located in Chesterfield County or to schedule a tour.